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Hey All, I am building the worlds most sophisticated AI assistants trained in all the worlds disciplines of life coaching, counseling and personal development facilitation and I would absolutely love feedback about the current beta. Specifically, my goal is to build it for those who would use it and to adapt to your feedback rapidly… and I would be super honored if anyone wanted to offer feedback.

Its completely free right now and should have a free version forever, I just want to get the word out and find out what folks think.

And if any one of you are actually interested in nobody ever being priced out of coaching, counseling or self actualization practices again, please ask how you can help. While my vision feels pretty big to hold, its absolutely possible, and I am 100% committed to it. May it be so.

Also, as I am building I am reviewing all the great tools on here for building the systems of my startup. I still need many that I have not yet found.

AI generated financial forecasting tools for investors, AI feedback collection bots to capture and aggregate feedback from users, AI tools for engaging and prospecting and help converting, tools for delivering emails which are attuned to where the unique user is at in their journey, and AI tools for identifying and catching. viral trends are all important to me. I will share what I have found and integrated so far to help anyone on a similar journey out.

I built a protocol for rapid learning which I posted open source on my linkedIn under my name: jryanhaber , which configured chatGPT into an accelerated learning facilitator.

I used Engage AI and preconfigured it ( I could have built it better ), to engage with other people in linkedIn and drop my one liner and website in the signature of my posts.

To select posts I used GPT to identify aligned hash trends, then searched those tags for folks consistently going viral with posts, then engaged those posts and used engage AI to generate the first draft of responses, then edited, signed my signature and sent.

I also injected my entire biz plan ( ~ 37 pages ) into anthropics ai and got it to analyze for weak spots.

I injected my entire go to market strategy into baby AI and had it iterate on optimizing it.

I used GPT to interpret my biz plan to identify key value propositions, then to convert them to key pitches and one liners, and anthropic to evaluate my biz plan to identify the shortest path from where the company is valued to doubling that value, organized by ease ( list of 10 ), then evaluated those manually to discern which to address.

And of course I use my own app every time I need motivation or to clear my head, and use the interdisciplinary mode to get coaching which is always super unique and innovative. The hack in my tool is that in Interdisciplinary mode, anytime you dont 100% love the coaches direction, hit the regenerate button and it will take a completely different direction. It actually calmed my gf down when she was upset… and NOTHING calms her down when she is mad.

Let me know ideas for optimizing this, share your tricks and productivity hacks and please let me know how I could improve my app to better serve you!!

Jonathan Haber
Next Ai Labs Inc.
Free To Try. On Demand Instant Access to 20+ Disciplines of Life Coaching,
Counseling and Facilitation, New methods added weekly

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I would love Honest feedback!