Can AI write your book?

I am still in search for the Ai app that can take my 201 page draft, edit and rewrite into a good final book draft.

As of 7-15-23, I’ve searched and tried with FutureTools, ThersAnAiforthat, ChatGPT & CLAUDE with NO LUCK. And I have been testing from a big list of Ai’s trying to find one that worrks but So far there is still no clear answer online, even asking an Ai, nothing as yet: wink:

  • Do you know of an Ai that can do a book as such, yet?

The book will be in my own wards. However what do you think?
If for example, I gave the Ai app 195 pages and asked it to expanded on it into a 300 page book.

  • Would it still be written by me?
  • Do I have to mention in the book Ai wrote the book?
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