Top AI tools for everyday use & work

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So there are many AI tools being created almost every day now, some of them are really cool and mind-blowing, but sometimes usable just for fun or once in a while. I am therefore wondering what AI tools you find great for everyday use (work, or personal life) that bring you an added value regularly? What do they do?

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Recently I started using this tool called Ayanza together with my team at work - we are using it for knowledge base, tasks, productivity and workflows every day, and it is really cool, so glad we switched to it. Many of their features are powered by AI, or soon will be (+ they have really nice support and they deliver quickly). You can generate any text by AI to your docs, they have AI prompts templates, AI-generated databases, or weekly performance summaries… (

2 Likes has encapsulated the advanced technologies and fine-tuned them to ensure that all the bases are covered for students who want to get custom essays on different topics.**

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You can try . It’s an AI bookmarking tool that can help you quickly save, retrieve and generate key notes images from your saved content

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is the tool I often used. I use it to upscale my images for design as you know many sites requests 1280*720 image but many of my old images are only 800. It is a really useful tool.

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Recently discovered this tool called

It’s been super productive cos whenever I’m searching anything on google, it automatically gives me GPT responses on the side as well and sometimes they’re just a lot more powerful.

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<3 Transcription AI! There are a few on the market but I’ve been using Vocol.AI to record my customer meetings and noticed a major improvement in understanding my clients. It really helps me to have this safety net, get back to our conversation anytime I want, or analyze their tone and find details that I would’ve otherwise missed.

I got into the beta for Nexel and it’s been great so far! I’ve been able to automate a bunch of my daily manual workflows that previously required me copy pasting the same things into chatGPT all the time.

I have to say BrainstormGPT truly change my work style. I usually search a lot for a new topic I wanna post on my account, but just find less usful info. After I used BrainstormGPT help me serach the topic, I can easily output many novel ideas and gain attention! I really strongly recommend everyone to give it a try

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:wave: Hi guys, I’m using for my project management, allowing to write meeting minutes and also to convert them into user stories for the dev I work with.

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Hey Guys :wave: Try for bookmarking that’s works really well and the roadmap is great

  • A.I powered.
  • Zero-installation
  • It fits in your daily workflow.
  • And it has FREE forever option.