What's an AI tool you wouldn't want to live without?

I’ll start:

  1. Github Copilot. It is supremely useful for churning out boilerplate code, SQL, bash commands, etc.
  2. Midjourney. What Copilot is to code, Midjourney is to images.

ChatGPT, albeit being an incredible piece of technology and definitely super useful, is not yet in the “cannot live without” category for me. I do expect it to get there in the next 2 years, perhaps when OpenAI releases a multimodal version.

  1. Jasper. Even though it’s based on GPT-3, they’re obviously added a lot of stuff on top because it works much better

  2. Not strictly an AI tool, but I’m a big Canva user and their AI image generator is super seamless.

After the first week or so, I haven’t been using ChatGPT that much. It definitely can’t replace Google imo, at least not for my workflow.

+1 on Copilot. Would pay $200/mo for that. But no one tell Microsoft :joy:

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Man, $200 is a steep price but I see what you mean there. I would probably pay $50/mo without batting an eye. Definitely pays for itself if you code for a living.

Also, @RoboRanger @Frederick - welcome to our AI community!


Chatgpt off course :smiley:

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An idea : How about sharing URLS of the applications so that others too could try and take advantage

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Fair point, we should try to link to the source whenever possible. The ones that have been mentioned so far are easy to find on Google though. It’s only the new/obscure ones that haven’t been indexed yet


My friend helped create BUMP, and worked as an inventor at Google up until this next week. He created a way to call a GPT-based AI mentor over the phone. I’ve been loving it. Spitball ideas, anything at all! www.callAI.us


My friend suggest me a ai writing tool for daily writing task, I tried and I think is helpful. Arvin - AI Writing Assistant, and it comes with prompt too, which i love.

I found a chrome extension called ChatGPT for Youtube, it provides access to the summary of YouTube videos. You can quickly get the content of the video, save time and learn quicker.